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Strangled and Lashed Brutally

Published / by Bdsm Desire

Strangled and Lashed Brutally

Some of the most intense pain sluts out there are constantly looking for new ways that they can take a beating. They want the extreme forms of torture, capture, and humiliation that you will ever see, so when we find these slaves we are happy to push their paces and know just what extremes they can go. We have our dungeon especially set up to test the most pain-loving slave sluts so that they find that even they cannot take all levels of pain.

This girl was interested in the slave sex experience, but we were more interested in seeing just how red we could get her, and how loud we get her to scream in pain. We taught her that you had better beware what you tell us, because when you start using the words ‘no limits’ we will take a slave at her word. We had her stripped down and strung up barely before she was done and agreed to our terms. Her screams filled the dungeons, but she stood up to our blows, because she knew exactly what could happen if she let her knees buckle, that rope around her neck would take this slut’s ‘no limits’ and take her right to that edge.

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