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True Service Begins on your Knees

Published / by Bdsm Desire

True Service Begins on your Knees

This is a school of sorts. It’s a place where Masters and even a few Mistresses train their slaves on a grand scale to service every aspect of their upcoming lives of total sexual and lifestyle servitude. Here these soon to be sex slaves learn that true servitude begins on ones knees and that once the decision to be a slave is made, all choice is lost from that point forward. Slaves don’t get to choose which orders to follow. They must do what they’re told every time or suffer the consequences.

Take this slave, who is being double fisted in the midst of several other obedient slaves being rewarded for their service and some being punished as well.

Whether you prefer seeing these slaves rewarded for good behaviour, or punished and humiliated for disobedience, this is the place to see. These slaves get both, sometimes on the same day!

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