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Brutal Punishments for Ebony Sex Slave

Published / by Bdsm Desire

Brutal Punishments for Ebony Sex Slave

He brutally grabs her breast as he chains her arms to the high wall rings causing her to stand on tip toe to relieve the weight on her arms. He fiddles with the recent nipple piercings, causing new heights of pain from the not quite fully healed ornaments. She whimpers but grows silent at the look on his face.

He is her Master and she belongs to him completely in all ways. He pulls out the needles and the candles, but rather than pour the hot burning wax onto her skin, he merely uses the flame to heat the needle tips before piercing her in several places across both breasts. “You will NOT speak out again” he demands. She averts her eyes as she agrees with a docile nod and a quiet “Yes Master”. He watches her intently for a moment and then responds “good slave” before returning to his torture.

See this cruel Master punish his slave