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Blonde Slave Cries For Mercy But Gets None

Published / by Bdsm Desire

Blonde Slave Cries For Mercy But Gets None

When a slave gets out of hand, sometimes they need to get sent to the experts in punishment, humiliation and discipline. They often only respond to the most intense sessions as a way to get the smartass beat right out of them. This blonde slave thought she wasn’t going to get punished when she got mouthy with her master, so she needed an especially strong lesson in respect. She thought there was no way she would dare get disciplined by anyone but her master, right up until we strung her up on the cross

She changed her tune when she realized she wasn’t going to get out of it, this slave begged and pleaded right up until the first blow impacted her ass. Then all we heard is the screaming and crying of a slave that finally realizes what it means when she doesn’t behave. Despite her objections and the protests between blows, she still started getting wet as we humiliated, beat and showed her levels of pain she never experienced before. This slutty little slave was quite ready for some hot slave sex before we were done with her, and she finally understood that a slave doesn’t get to disrespect her master without suffering the consequences.

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